The Moon in-color 14-8-2018 Telescope 110 mm apo with 2x TV barlow

Moon observations with a small telescope.
During my vacation in Luxembourg I made observations with a 4.3 inch telescope.
It was made in the early morning in the light of 7 August 2018

Telescope 110 mm apo with 2x TV barlow, red filter and Balser Ace 1920


Moon 2-80 days old 15-7-2018 C14 Basler 1920

Moon 20-4-2018 C14 Basler Ace 1920

First quarter Moon 24-3-2018 Basler Ace 1920 C14

Moon 3-27 days old 20-3-2018 C14 Basler 1920

Moon 4.87 days old 20-2-2018 C14


Moon 2.88 days old (alt. 20 degrees) 18-2-2018 C14

Full Moon 31-1-2018 C14 Basler Ace 1920 (20 megapixel)

Moon 25-7-2015 8cm refractor and Basler 1300

Moon 2013/10/18 100% full moon illuminated

          Full Moon South pole DMK31 fulle size (1.67 mb!)

             Earthshine 80mm Scopos Canon 400D full size

                     Lunar rise 80 mm Scopos Canon 400D

                              Venus and  Moon full size

 Cresent Moon Full size











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